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All about me

Hello Names Keirston and my other side is Jade, we’re both Demoness Witch Queen in hell and I have other sisters in hell I talked to and parents, my parents are Lilith and Satan. My sisters are Sara my twin, Raven my youngest and Sabrina my other youngest. You see, I’ve been raised by mortals by my mortal family Nicole and Kevin, my mortal parents.

I’m also a dark goth. I have made my own clothing line of my dark fashion and also dark goth makeup tutorials. I posted my stuff on my own youtube channel Dark Goth Witch Queen. I ‘ve also have a dancing channel and my dark siren mermaid channel. The Dark Mermaid is my mermaid channel and Dark Goth Hell Dancer is my dancing channel. My facebook blog Dark Goth Witch Queen is the same thing as my youtube channel when I do blogs on there as well. I’m also a satanist. I have a hell portal of a mirror I go to and when my time to go is at 10 pm till 7am.

I have two cats, one female gray tabby name Darky and one black one with white tie on chest male name Shadow. I’m married to Andrew as known as Damon, his other side, he’s a Demon Warlock like he doesn’t know his magic. Like I know my magic. I have made my own book of satanic spells. I even made my coven on facebook in a group posting.

I have a full collection of skulls, I love skulls a lot really. I love ravens, crows and bats, my favorite birds. I also have a lot of black candles, six of them for my dark stand to meditate with red candles, only two red ones. Yes, I have a dark altar stand to meditate in the dark while candles lit up. I also love skeletons. I have a skeleton family. I love coffins and I wish I could sleep in one. I love to sing as well. I love to drink liquid as well too. I love to read, write, sew things, and climb trees there for fun.

I’m also a painter. I paint the Dark side and also make sculptures of dark things and make dolls in dark goth clothing in black paper. I’m a dark artist. I even make wreaths and staff.

Here is my favorites list….

Favorite movie: American Satan

Favorite show: Sleepy Hollow

Favorite Cartoon show: Teen Titans

Favorite Goth Cartoon Show: Ruby Gloom and Growing Up Creepie

Favorite candy: Black twizzler

Favorite vehicle: Hearse

Favorite music genre: Black metal, goth metal and goth rock

Favorite wine: Apothic Dark

Favorite beer: steel reserve black berry

Favorite game: Sims 4 and minecraft

Favorite plant: black roses

Favorite color: Black, Gray and Red

Favorite instrument: Piano and guitar

Favorite song: Black Wedding by In This Moment

Favorite Anime show: Black Butler

Favorite jewelry: everything in black

Favorite butler: Jake

Favorite football team: Baltimore Ravens

Favorite food: shrimp alfredo

Favorite movie genre: Horror

FAvorite season: Autumn

Favorite soda: coke and black cherry soda

Favorite reptile: Snakes, Spiders and dragon

Favorite goth movie: Addams Family

Favorite place: cemetery and abandon house

Favorite pets: Cats

Favorite time to shop: halloween time

Favorite store: Hot Topic

Favorite fruit: Apple


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