Why I left the Christian church

Well I’m not sure if I stated this in a previous essay or not but I am right now. Coming from a Christian family and as someone who use to strongly support the church and embrace the ideology that is Christianity, why did I choose to be a satanist? Well I didn’t choose satanism, I read the satanic Bible and realized that everything the church taught me was nothing short of a lie. And on top of all that it preaches denying your true animal nature, and employs that doing what comes natural to us is sinful. Argo the 7 deadly sins. These sins are nothing more than just part of the human animal.

I was speaking to someone whom I do love dearly and who is a Christian but does not know I practice satanism, and we got in the topic of sin for some reason and they mentioned that I need to go to god and basically turn from my sin (human) nature because it is wrong. Well I took it kind of in a way of this is bullshit, why would I not just be what I am? Because that’s the way the church works. They want you to have a Peter Pan type of viewpoint as in never growing up. Why? Simply because if you learn to think for yourself then they can no longer fill your brain with all these fairytales of an afterlife, or of mystical creatures called angels. Christians, or atleast most in my opinion haven’t grown up because they only see the world one way, and everybody else is wrong. Especially if you disagree with them.

I started to realize while reading the satanic Bible that it was describing me to a T and everything I truly felt and thought was right there. Satan to me was no longer the evil monster that Christianity made him to be. He was just a force of the universe that allowed me through lesser magic to attain things to make my life better. Satan (symbolically of course) is the best representation of the human animal and the so called sins because that’s in all of us. I did in depth research on the church of Satan website and really studied the philosophy and to me it became my religion, and a big part of my life, a part I’m damn proud of. I have never felt more free and just myself like I do now.

Why would I ever stay stuck in a religion if constant judgement or constant criticism from the exact people who claim to love and accept me for who I am? It’s called self-deceit. I am denying my true nature to blindly follow something that I am being told is “the one answer” and the longer i tried to be in the church world the more miserable I felt, simply because I felt if I didn’t pray at a certain time or if I missed mass I was in grave sin because that’s what they teach. I just got so fuckin sick and tired of it. So one day I started listening to magus Peter h Gilmore ( high priest of the church of Satan) on YouTube and realized wow why did I ever deny myself? Why did I try to be something or someone I’m not? To fit in and be accepted. Well that’s not good enough for me, I am who I am regardless of what anyone says or thinks. The point of this essay was to not only Share my experience but to also enlighten people to the reality that is Christianity and why in my opinion that is true evil. I hope you guys read this and it educates you.

Hail Satan.