Why choose satanism and not just be atheist?

So why call yourself a satanist and not simply an atheist? Well simple, the answer is because we have religious aspects to satanism. Though satanism in general is a tool for us to get the most out of life. However being that we use ritual and other types of religious aspects like the black mass which I will cover in a future blog but we also have the satanic high mass. We call upon this wonderful and natural force in nature which we call Satan, though as stated we do not view him as a real deity we are enlightened through the understanding of the world around us and we question all things that do not have a definitive answer.

why become a satanist? Well if you read the satanic Bible which will give you a way better understanding of the philosophy than just by reading these essays it is a book in which speaks to the human animal as simply that, the human animal. We reject any spiritual beings, or beliefs as they do not advance us or bring us earthly success because when you focus all your energy on a spiritual being you focus all your time, effort and energy trying to please that being. In the satanic Bible there is a passage in the book of Lucifer that says man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him, simply meaning by worshipping a so called god, you are ultimately bowing down to the human that write that book. This is what we call as also stated in the satanic Bible herd conformity. You are now a sheep to the Shepard who now has you in his complete control and also shames you for being you, a fleshly, carnal human animal.

applying satanism to your everyday life. doing this is quite simple and easy. Since as stated above that satanism is a tool to get the most out of life and embrace carnality, the best way atleast for myself to apply the philosophy to your life is by simply doing things that are pleasing and that benefit your life. If you’re a parent like myself then do things to better your life for your kids and you, teach kids to question things and find things out for themselves instead of simply just saying well this book and this god have all the answers. Don’t force kids or anybody for that matter to conform to one certain way of believing, the reason for that is because there’s more than one way to skin a cat as it is said. There’s more than one way of proving or disproving something, and anyone who claims they know it to be fact if not scientifically proven is fooling themselves and ultimately fooling you as well. That’s why satanism encourages free thinking and individualism because we do not all think the same way nor should we “follow the Shepard” so to speak. We are our own gods and we make things happen in our lives, not by praying and hoping but by getting off your ass and making it happen. To me this is exactly what satanism teaches us is that we need to start taking responsibility for our own lives and not blame anyone or anything but ourselves for our own actions. Hail individuality, hail freedom, HAIL SATAN.