Who is Satan to you?

Well coming from a satanic belief Satan is seen as the balancing force in nature (quoted from the satanic Bible) and not as a literal being. Satan is used as a symbol of freedom, liberty and pride which is considered to be a very positive thing in ones life if he or she chooses to recognize it. The name Satan in Hebrew means adversary or opposer, one to accuse or question. As stated in previous essays we see ourselves as being the “satans” of our society, simply because we question all things relating to the world around us and seek to find out the answers verses just accepting what we are told to believe. The universe is indifferent to us and if we learn to harness the magic of the universe and work it to our advantage for the greater good of ourselves and those we care deeply about it is of great benefit to ourselves. Also quoted from the satanic Bible is satanic statement #5 which says “Satan represents vengeance instead of turning the other cheek” which in simpler terms means we DO NOT by any means accept poor treatment. We treat others how we want to be treated and firmly believe that if someone wrongs us we seek revenge against the enemy. (From the book of Satan) if someone smite thee on one cheek, SMASH him on the other.

Satan represents kindness to those who deserve it, instead of love wasted on ingrates ( satanic statement #4 ) why waste one the strongest emotions on someone who has done you wrong or continues to treat you poorly? In my personal opinion this statement has always resonated in my life because I do not believe I should have to waste my heart on someone who takes advantage of it or who does not show me the same in return. Hate is another emotion we feel not just as satanists but as humans, why not hate your enemies? Why’s should you love and care about those who do you wrong? Well I can’t speak for every satanist but I can speak for myself I believe it is emotionally draining to try and win them with kindness. Satan has always had the bad rep because he tells us to live as we are (humans nothing more). We all love and we all hate, there’s nothing wrong with having these feelings. When it becomes a problem is when you let it constantly control your life and let it drain your magic.

The satanic Bible book of Satan, book 5

Blessed are the strong, for they shall possess the earth. Cursed are the weak, fit they shall inherit the yoke.