What does satanism mean to me and you?

  1. Satanism to me means freedom to be myself and not worry about trying to appease a deity that doesn’t exist. By being a satanist I am embracing my carnality as in being one with nature and the planet in which I live. The devil has always been shit on in all religions, and though we as satanists don’t believe he physically exists he is a natural force of nature or for better words the workings of the universe in which we do not understand, Argo why this is called dark forces. Anything we do not understand can be considered as a dark force, the reason being is it is not yet explainable or understood. Satan has always been the most humanlike Representative force. If we look at biblical texts the devil is synonymous with trying to give mankind the ”higher knowledge“ that the so called almighty did not want us to know. Exactly why In the church he Is considered evil. the Bible states we are to be “born again” and if you analyze that it means staying In a perpetual state of childhood ( never growing up). This is why most Christians only see things through the eyes of the church because they’re so controlled (childlike) that they have no room or the maturity to evolve. As quoted from the satanic Bible....satan has always been the churches best friend as he has kept it in business all these years. Without someone to blame for your life going wrong or for the so called evil actions of another these white light religions would cease to exist. Lucifer or Satan whatever you choose to call this mystical force of nature has always been the one to give light and knowledge to advance the human race. He is for us and has

always been the one closely relating to us as humans as previously stated. I hope this sheds some light about this magical force we call Satan. Hail Satan.

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