what does it mean to be a satanist?

ok so i think this a neccesary topic to discuss, because i get this question plus more i will be talking about here almost on a daily basis. so the first thing i would like to discuss id what exactly discover satanism is, and why i created discover satanism ministries. the first reason being that i am a satanist and proud but, i also wanted to eductate people who have a misguided view of the satanic religion. first and foremost discover satanism welcomes all forms of satanism be it spiritual, or atheistic. as our high priestess is luciferian. we encourage free thinking, and for you to choose your lot in life. we are individuals from many backgrounds and we do not tolerate hate because of race, or sexual orientation. we firmly believe in acceptance for those who want to better themselves, but we also believe in the saying: YOU MUST HELP YOURSELF BEFORE WE CAN HELP YOU. we are not here to give handouts and we wont do it. Discover satanism ministries is a satanic ministry as defined by Anton Lavey in The Satanic Bible. we are an indepenant organization, not associated with any other satanic organization.

now onto the frequently asked questions. hopefully this clears the air as i and the highpriestess can only say it so many times. will i become rich and famous if i join you? NO. if that is something you wish to persue, you must WORK for it. Satan is not a genie, nor does he put up with lazy people who just want everything given to them, and neither do we. i cant even say how many times a day i get asked that. the other question is: will i get any woman or man i want? NO, you have to go ask them yourself. as said before Satan is not a genie. hes not here to grant wishes, hes merely a representation of our inner selves and freedom, liberty, and pride. Satan is considered the enlightened one, the one who grants us the knowledge of our own godhead. we can learn alot from who he is. we here look to him or i should say the character of him as a guiding force of humanity.

now the question that seems to come up all too often: how can i sell my soul to satan? YOU DON'T. he is not the metaphorical being as decribed in christianity. as ive said many times over, he is the balancing factor or force in nature. why would he even be concerned with having our souls in the first place? he from the start has told humanity to think on its own 2 feet. we dont need an external deity to get us through life. its all about being a self sufficient person. so then begs the question: what does it mean to be a satanist? thats something you have to figure out for yourself, we cannot determine how satanism can better your life. study the philosophy, and put it into practice is how you'll find out the benefits of it. simply coming to us and asking what can satanism do for me is usless because, theres no definative answer. i can only speak for myself.

But if you want my honest opinion, satanism sets you free from bondage of being condemned for just being a human animal. i feel personally christianity is the true evil religion.why? well think about who god is. he is said to be a jealous, angry, dictator. basically by you giving yourself to him, you're a slave to his will. you are giving him the ultimate power which is the only way he has control over you. everything christians say the devil is, is what i think god is. never once has the devil demanded worship, or service to him. throughout history, he has always been synonomous with telling us we don't have to be slaves anymore, we can be free and take charge of our own lives. Satan teaches us to get off our asses and work for what we want, vs. "pray and let god handle it". Ive personally seen how christianity is brainwashing its followers and making them lazy thinking all this stuff will magically fall in their laps. we call bullshit. god is the real evil being, who gets his power through your worship. but yet, if you do not obey him, you're sent straight to hell.

what loving god would ever do that to his beloved creatures? easy one that man created. what do i mean? that man has a certain thought to how people should act, think, look, and be. so this mythical being (god), was created to force people to conform to their ways and obey what they see as the perfect humans should be. as quoted from Anton Lavey: "man has always created his gods, rather than his gods creating him". couldn't be more true. man has always tried to get people to be so called "perfect", or atleast how they see fit. so now comes the term hell. hell was created as a place were ANYONE who disobeys god would roast forever. does that sound like something an all loving god would do? hell no. it was a way to scare people into staying with the church and paying their bills, and to be accepted in modern society.