There is a big misconception that satanists are worshipping the Christian interpretation of Satan. Nothing could be further from the truth. We see Satan as a symbol of freedom,liberty and pride and not being concerned with worship. This is a misnomer that has been fossilized by the Christian church as a way to strike fear into its followers.

The satanic church was founded merely on the acceptance of humans as animalistic. We see the universe as indifferent to us in every way, but yet we strive to find out how it works and make it work to our benefit. In 1980-90’s there was something called the satanic panic. This was fostered by Christian evangelists who sought to prove there were groups that were taking children and animals to sacrifice to Satan. PREPOSTEROUS, as satanists who see ourselves as our own gods, why would we want to harm another “god” that we hold to a high extent? Simple answer is we wouldn’t.

For centuries, satanism has been the only religion with logic and truth behind it. It is the only religion that doesn’t tell you it’s wrong to be a human being, and doing what comes natural to you is ok. We satanists see these people who call themselves Christians as lost and of needing some external being to feel that sense of wholeness. We know that there is no god and therefore we must take control of our own lives, our successes and our failures.

We laugh at those who tell us we’re going to hell for denying Christ, well I got news for you. THERE IS NO HELL. Hell was taken from the book dontes inferno, when they described this place of fire and torment. The then Catholic Church adopted this doctrine as part of their “faith” to keep people from leaving the church. A scare tactic if you will. Because we all know if you can truly convince someone of something like that, they’re bound to listen.

Hail individuality, hail thyself, hail Satan.