Two-faced good guy badge

Let me begin with stating this essay is not to rip off Anton lavey who wrote in his book the devils notebook, an essay titled “good guy badge”. This thought is something I’ve put together myself through my own experiences. Now the reason being it has the “good guy badge” title in it is simply because of the definition in which I have given this title. It simply means: someone who tries to be the hero in any situation, while simultaneously saying another thing behind someone’s back. This particular person is seen be it the internet or in real life situations defending another because of the “respect” and “praise” they gain from it. Whatever the situation is, they take up for the side of “good”.

A perfect example: someone tells a woman it’s wrong to get an abortion. Now we bring in the hero who says, “ how can you tell this beautiful woman what to do with her body”? Meanwhile after said confrontation, this parasite goes on the retrieving end and shares things relating to anti abortion and how it’s murder and so in and so forth. One other example I have is a personal one to me. This person in my family (by marriage only) is someone who fits this category perfectly. They tend to take the opposing side of whatever the situation is to In turn, make the situation about themselves, and to get people to have a pity party for them. This is to me a literal “psychic vampire”. Why? Because if you choose to disagree or go against said person and say how wrong they are, they will make you feel as guilty as possible.

This, draining your vital energy and the very life force right out of you. DO NOT BE SWAYED BY THESE SOUL-SUCKING LEECHES. instead, give them the wrath they deserve, let it be known the truth to these parasites and let not yourself be caught on the bait of falsehood. The satanist can easily recognize these vermin. They are too obvious to the enlightened satanist, who does not engage himself with useless arguments from them. But will without hesitation shut them down quickly. I have had myself atleast 2 of these two faced good guy badge wearers in my presents, and I have no sympathy for their sorry ass ways of guilting people, nor will I give them the satisfaction of my dignified response. They deserve nothing but to have everything they do wrong come at them like a wrecking ball.

If you know someone like this, it can at first be hard to not feel sorry for them. But as a satanist one very important key is: responsibility to the responsible. It’s not our job to give these assholes what they want. Nor should we. It’s our job to be responsible for our own lives and how we live them. Also to add for the new satanist: learn now how to not have sympathy for someone of this category, because they will take every ounce of energy from you and use it to pull you into their realm of hypocrisy. Treat these vermin like they are, VERMIN. no value to us or to anyone else. And to those of you who wear this badge, I warn you now: BEWARE OF THE SATANIST, HE RECOGNIZES YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE AND WILL NOT BE SWAYED BY YOUR SOB STORIES.

Hail Satan.

high priest: logan liming