Truth or conspiracy?

Let’s face it, today’s world is fuckin crazy. Everything from murders, to thievery, to this whole virus and mask mandate. It’s crazy to think this could be the new norm, but what I feel it is, is a pure control tactic. Why in 08 when h1n1 broke out bad did we not go through this? Or back in 2000 the flu broke out and we still were not required to wear masks, or self quarantine. I’m not saying what is stated here is 100% facts, but more so this is my observations.

Notice when Donald trump was president things seemed to be going great. Then now we get this wacky Democrat as his running mate, and all of a sudden this massive virus breaks out and we all go into pure panic. In my opinion, it was to get us to focus on survival, rather than pay attention to what was truly going on with not only the world, but the election.

I feel trump was screwed out of it personally, because if we look at the results, he was ahead. And not to mention the states he won were all of a sudden changed to democratic states. It was also stated that Biden, had a number of votes that were from deceased individuals. What the hell is that? It’s a scam. A scam to insure they have total control over the outcome of the election.

The mask mandate is total bullshit. People are acting as sheep and allowing their rights and freedom to be taken from them, and they don’t even realize it. Or they just don’t care and think it’s helping them. The truth is it’s not. It prevents you from passing on a virus, but it does not prevent you from getting sick. How do I know this? Simple read the box. It says DOES NOT PREVENT ILLNESS. Basically if someone coughs on you while wearing the mask, it traps the germs in the fibers.

This, rendering you more likely to contract the virus whatever it may be. This is a tactic that’s been used for years to stir us away from what’s really going on. Keep us at bay so to speak, so we worry more about ourselves than the government. Notice also when trump was in office, how he never backed down on anything. Well apparently people can’t handle someone who gets shit done. They would rather have someone who pleases them and hands them shit, so they don’t have to work for it.

Mooch off the government. Trump wouldn’t allow it, therefore he must go. Now we have a president that doesn’t know his mouth from his ass, because he’s good at spewing shit for sure. We are all, well not all of us but a lot of us, are so blind to the facts. And we just think well he’s gonna help us, when in reality it’s making them richer and us poorer. Look at how much gas alone has gone up just in the past few months.

He singlehandedly shut down the pipe liners. For what? Wasn’t it doing our economy great and keeping gas prices low? Of course it was that’s why he did it. Those dollars go straight to the rich while we struggle. It’s a pure money-making skeem. Do your research guys, it’s not benefitting you unless you’re already rich. Don’t let this shit go on, stand up and take you’re freedom and your rights back.

We as satanists believe in freedom and not herd conformity. We WILL NOT be sheep following blindly this agenda. Stand up now before it’s too late and they have absolute control.

Hail Satan