The light bearer

why is it that this Force we call Satan or Lucifer considered the light beare? well simple. If we look even in the Bible Satan (Lucifer) has always been the one to try to teach mankind that he is his own god, that everything a person wants in life is not going to be gotten by simply praying for it, or hoping it’ll just magically happen. Satan said you must take action to accomplish your goals. We as satanists don’t believe in prayer because it does us absolutely no good, the simple answer for this is because one there is no god and two if we are our own gods then we must take the necessary actions to succeed in our live. We have the get up and get what you want because it’s not gonna just come to you attitude. Lucifer atleast according to the Bible was considered rebellious simply because he wanted humankind to advance and not be just sheep as states in the Bible and slaves to some being. He has always stood up for mankind and always looked out for our best interest. This is why the church hates him because the church wants you in that Peter pan state of never growing up and being a child forever because they then can morph your mind to their ways and their beliefs. Don’t be fooled by the lies and bulls hit told about this wonderful force we call Lucifer, that is the church’s way of saying we want to control you. Lucifer has never needed to control us because he is basically just like us and a merely human like force. A true hero of the humans if we’re being honest. Hail Satan

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