The age of fire, has begun

The age of Satan is upon us. This is a time of rejoicing and feeling prideful that we are finally out of the shadows of the church and our own independent gods, free of guilt and oppression. As stated in the satanic Bible in the 9 satanic statements: Satan has been the best friend the church has ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years. Without Satan the religion could not exist.

They need to have something they deem as evil to support their claims that being a carnal human is evil. We feel that more and more people are coming around to satanism, simply because they’re seeing that we are our own freethinking, free standing people. There are no requirements to be a satanist, you read the satanic Bible and you see yourself in it, and you from that point on decide wether you choose to call yourself a satanist or not.

Satanism is for the elite, or the alienated, people that are self-actualized and stand on their own two feet. More now than ever do we see people who call themselves Christians practicing witchcraft in secrecy. This is to stay in good standing in their community and not let it be known they practice the arts. There is a Satan in everyone of us and it’s our egos that allow us access to this beautiful and mystical force.

Satan to us is the enlightened one, the bringer of knowledge and independence. He is the lord of fire. The one most like us humans, and whom also according to legend has always taken up for us and brought us the knowledge we need to advance as a society. Some choose to see this enlightenment as a sign of evil because it rejects traditional church mythology.

Satanism demands study, not worship. I can’t say there aren’t some who worship the being of Satan in which the Christians describe. However worship is the same to me as bowing down and serving, which we are not required to do. Satan wants us to be self sufficient and free to live our lives as we see fit.

Get ready, for the rise of Satan is upon us, the day comes when the world will realize that Satan has always been the reality and has been the one to free us from bondage. The age of fire, has begun.

Hail Satan.