Self-deceit is defined in Webster’s dictionary as: the act or an instance of deceiving oneself or the state of being deceived by oneself especially concerning one's true nature, feelings, etc. in other words you’re continuing to be, and or portray yourself as something you’re not. This is one of the biggest sins in the satanic religion. Why? Because we believe in following our true nature, not being deceived into thinking we’re awaiting this great afterlife or that some skydaddy cares for us. We all know this is FALSE.

A little short story: so as a young teen and through my teen years I was as mentioned very much into gothic fashion. I to this day think it’s a beautiful style and I still incorporate it into my style now. I was the kind of kid who was really just quiet unless I was around family or friends, or someone pissed me off then I had no problem cussing someone out in class or wherever I was. Due to being different I was the victim of horrendous bullying by my peers.

I fell into a serious depression from that and my home life which was falling apart at the time. I can remember days I would be walking home crying because I felt no one cared, not even my supposed best friend at the time. I had nowhere to turn. Yes my mother was always the one I turned to in times of need but she had bills to pay which I understood. So one day I got the Bible and read it. I felt as if I finally had an answer for everything.

I used to carry it with me daily and kids would look at me as if I was nuts (which I understand now). The years went on and I tried to seek god for guidance until age 13 when I got the satanic Bible. I read and reread this book more than any book I’ve ever gotten. It resonated with me as if I was looking at myself in the mirror. I studied it word for word and I began to realize: wow this is 100% the truth. I’ve been believing bullshit for too long. I carried this Bible with me now in my binder and would read it during class when we were suppose to be working.

Again people would ask me: “why do you have the devils Bible”? To which I replied “this is not the devils Bible, this is how we as humans are and this book reassures me that living as a human is ok”. I lost a lot of friends that way too, but it didn’t matter because I was finally self satisfied and beginning to see that most of what was making me depressed was being deceitful to myself. I was trying to be something I wasn’t, and trying to live in a way that was pleasing and acceptable to others.

It never occurred to me until I read the satanic Bible that I was lying to myself. It was as if a light had just been shined upon me and I was finally set free. I hope this story is relatable to some of not all of you. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you’re lifestyle is going to get you hell bound. You are living as your nature dictates and that is the best revelation you as a satanist could have.

Like the satanic Bible says: when the satanist makes a mistake he realizes it is normal to make mistakes and is careful to not repeat it again. We all fuck up. But, we can learn from that too. Take it and grow from that experience and better yourself. Fellow brothers and sisters of the infernal empire, do not go on living in self deceit any longer. Free yourself, be yourself, let the fires of hell burn deep in you and light the way. For self preservation is of the highest law ( the satanic Bible: book of Satan).

Hail Satan.