Satanism & society today

Wether we realize it or not, satanism is becoming more widely practiced in today’s world. Maybe not openly by everyone, but by the majority of us who refuse to hide it regardless of judgement. The way I see it, if every other religion can be open and practice without critics, then why can’t we? Satanism is the ONLY religion to ever accept man as he is, vs what he should be, as the right hand path believes.

The right hand path is synonymous with always trying to mold mankind into a “suitable” (atleast what they find suitable) version of himself. Forgetting who he truly is. We are creatures of habit. Meaning, we are so controlled by our very routines, that changing or adapting to different things seems to be “out of our norm”. Some of us are good with change and some of us like myself find it difficult.

Today’s society is what I refer to as “the entitled ones” meaning, most not all, feel as if they are owed something by everyone. It’s a society of “you hurt my feelings so now you owe me”, and it’s just getting worse by the day. Satanists believe in the rule: responsibility to the responsible. We don’t feel as if society owes us anything, we control our own destinies. Why would I want to depend on another to give me what I want, when I could accomplish it myself and be proud?

I as an individual, refuse to be corrupt by the softhearted, emotionally corrupt people of today’s society. Instead of whining and bitching about this or that, why not get up and do something about it, or shut the fuck up? The big thing I see fussed about most is gay rights. Let me go on record and say I’m all for gay rights, if you’re happy and want to be married by all means do it. My issue with the whole thing is just quit making it the center point of everyone else’s lives.

We all have things we love and hate. I love being able to live life and show my son new and fun things to do. But, all the bullshit we have thrown in ours and our kids faces, is utterly ridiculous. They definitely shouldn’t be exposed to the insanity of the idiots of the world. One other reason I despise Christianity. Primarily because the religion is nothing but hypocrisy and stupidity. But also because it’s sole dependency is on a non existent being.

They believe their god is THE ONLY answer, and should you disagree, THEN YOU SHALL SHURLY, BURN IN HELL. despicable. Pure hogwash, and nothing they believe is backed by any scientific evidence. The Bible in their belief makes all science obsolete. To them it doesn’t exist, or it is “the devils work”. Well Atleast the devils work is fact, and backed up by evidence.

It’s time we as satanists disembowel from the pussies of the world and let the weak ween themselves out. Darwin’s theory of evolution: survival of the fittest. We are the elite, we are the highest embodiment of human life, we are satanists.

Hail Satan.