Satanism is not atheism

While many people think satanists are atheists this is not entirely true. Yes there are some who say they’re satanists but only see Satan as a symbol, where as myself and many others see him as a very real being but not one to be worshipped as he himself does not demand of us. Satan is the one who gave us the greatest gift of all. The gift of knowledge. This was something he felt humanity needed to advance and to ultimately survive this life. Satanism is still a religion of the carnal self, and and the world. We are earthy, and we seek the pleasures of this life. No I’m not speaking about sex, though that is something we all love as humans. Atheism by definition is denying the belief in anything outside of oneself. This doesn’t make sense to me because if we’re claiming to be our own gods, then we’re ultimately denying our own godhead if we say we don’t believe in anything spiritual.

Part of growth is getting in tune with your inner god/goddess and channeling that energy to enact your will on earth as Satan himself gave us the gift to do. I have found through my many years of being a satanist that Satan has to be very real for the simple reason of he shows himself in various ways to those who seek his company. I never could quite grasp the concept of satanism without Satan himself. It to me just made it a humanistic type of religion which is not what satanism is suppose to be. We have rituals and dogma, but more importantly we tune into and learn how to rule our lives as gods. Anton lavey said himself in many interviews that he believed in Satan. One interview was with joe pyne. The guy was a total asshole to Anton but he held his posture and was a gentlemen. Anton said to me pyne that Satan is a god too.

He states on another video about the different things Satan can anthropomorphize into. This does not to me sound like he was an atheist. In any of his rituals he speaks to Satan with such pizazz and enthusiasm that it would almost be an insult to say he didn’t believe. We here at discover satanism do accept all forms of satanism so long as it is not forced or told this is the only true satanic way. Myself and the high priestess are believers in Satan as an actual being and feel he has show us how to use our wills to move the world to our liking. Please email me if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy reading these essays.

Hail Satan.

High priest: logan liming.