Satanism and sexuality

So this topic seems to be a big focal point in today’s society, especially in the religious world. All major religions have for centuries deemed homosexuals as sinners and doomed them to hell, but why? Well the simple answer is because it’s something people do not understand and as quoted from Marilyn Manson: “usually people hate what they’re afraid of.” So why does religion deem this a sin and morally wrong? Well because it’s not what they agree with and therefore it’s wrong. Probably the simplest answer I could give.

The same reason they (Christians) said sex before marriage was wrong. Because they believe in what a book (the Bible) says and they believe it’s truly the word of god, when in reality it was written by a man who wanted people to act according to his will. So by following that you’re by proxy following that person who wrote it.

We as humans all have our own feelings, desires and interests. Now when it comes to love atleast to me I feel wether it be same-sex or hetero it’s fine as long as both parties agree. I think you should love who you love because you both genuinely have TRUE feelings for one another. Now do I think you should rush into bed in any occasion? The answer is only if you both agree and should you choose to do so, don’t feel guilty about it, we all have our natural desires and sex is one of them. It brings us a sense of love, pleasure and closeness with the one we love, a deeper expression of you will of your feelings for one another.

Now on the topic of hooking up. As stated above I don’t see it as a problem as long as TWO People agree and no one gets hurt in ANY way. We all wether we want to admit it or not crave intimacy be it sexual, or just having that connection with a person of either the opposite or same sex. Satanism encourages you to fulfill your deepest desires and considers it wrong of the Christian church to deem you damned for doing what comes natural. It is by the very action of sex that we as humans are created, so why is it bad to have it when not married? Truth of the matter is, it’s not. It’s only wrong in cases of rape and when someone is intoxicated and cannot properly give consent. It’s one of the 11 satanic rules of the earth: do not make sexual advances unless you are given the mating signal. Simply put as do not make a move if someone tells you no.

Satanism encourages all forms of sexuality and accepts that everyone is unique and different. Though not every satanist thinks the same and some may be more oldschool and that’s ok, we do not consider it right to condemn as the Christians do for you freely expressing yourself. Why should you feel any shame or guilt for just being you? It’s preposterous to ever feel that kind of guilt. If you have family or whomever that struggles to accept you for being gay, trans, whatever simply remind them you are still their child and their love and support means everything to you. DO NOT BE ASHAMED FOR DIFFERENT, EMBRACE INDIVIDUALITY AND BE FREE TO BE WHO YOU TRULY ARE. Don’t listen to idiotic people who try to push buttons, let their jealousy and anger destroy them inside and you walk with your head held high and don’t give them the time of day. Be proud and be you.

Hail Satan