Satan represents vital existence instead of spiritual pipe dreams.

This is from the satanic Bible the 9 satanic statements, statement #2. What this is referring to is that Satan represents living in the here and now as a physical human being in harmony with the earth. We do not believe in the spiritual which is referred to in the satanic Bible as a pipe dream, or simpler terms as nonexistent. We question all things of the world, as we should instead of just giving into what religion tells us we need to think, feel and believe. Anyone who says they have all the answers is be It what “god” says or someone who claims to know the mind of god is foolish. Wether there is or isn’t a higher power it is not proven by any means yet, and we as humans cannot claim to know what this supreme being thinks. We as satanists believe in the carnal or being earthly, we feel that instead of denying your human nature by wasting it waiting on some afterlife you have no clue about is useless. We think you should live your life for you, for you family and do it in a way that is pleasing to you and benefits you. satanists believe in indulgence instead of abstinence, we feel that the 7 deadly sins are gratifying because they are our natural human attributes and the Christian church tells us we are wrong for being human. Sex for instance is frowned upon unless you are married, we think and feel that as it is the way we all are brought into this world it is a natural and wonderful thing. So long as it is between 2 mature consenting adults it is 100% ok. By engaging in these so called sins you are embracing your vital and earthly existence and not being controlled or as we call them sheep following a Shepard who doesn’t seem to give a fuck about you unless you bow down and do everything perfectly. One sin I think personally is quite odd is the sin of gluttony or simply overeating. Now we all need food to survive and build our bodies up to do what we need to do in our daily live. so why is this a sin? I feel it’s a sin because it’s a pleasure of the “flesh” rather than depending on “god” to provide for you. We all know if we don’t work for it it will never happen. You can’t just sit on your ass and expect it to magically appear that’s preposterous. Another sin is pride. Why is this so wrong? Well the main reason atleast in the church is because you’re now focusing on all the good things you did to accomplish your goal verses thanking god. To the church you have done absolutely nothing it was all god doing it through you which I find redundant because it was your decisions, and your hard work that paid off. Why not pat Yourself on the back for everything you accomplished? simple, because the higher you think of yourself and think for yourself then they have no control anymore and can no longer tell you how to live in accordance to their standard. this is simply why we satanist choose to live and enjoy our lives right now and not concern ourselves with the thought of an afterlife. We are human, we are the centers of our universe, we are satanists.

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