Satan is not a genie

I hate that I have to bring this up time and time again, but the amount of messages and emails I get regarding this are insane. I would say just about everyday to every other day I’ll get a message from somebody asking how they can join satan and get rich. It’s honestly a shame they would think satans going to do all the work for them. From the 9 satanic statements statement #6: satan represents responsibility to the responsible, meaning you MUST be responsible for anything that happens in your life good or bad. I give them all the same response: satan is not a genie, if you want to be rich then WORK FOR IT. No one gets rich by sitting on their asses wishing for it. Stupidity which is the #1 sin in satanism and I mean top of the list, is more rampant than ever. Satan has given us the gift of undefiled wisdom and free will, not to mention he has entrusted us with the powers of hell itself to gratify our wills and make things happen how we want them to. Now with that being said that doesn’t mean just because you say “in the name of satan I will be rich” that it’s going to happen over night. On the contrary, can you make it happen? Absolutely. But you also have to take STEPS that’s right, steps toward accomplishing that goal.

I founded this ministry just a little over a year ago and I can’t believe how much it’s blossomed in just a short time. I’m thankful for everyone who messages me and supports myself and my 2 other clergy members. That being said, I did not create this website and Facebook page and sit back and let the people come to it. I took the necessary steps to make it happen and by being authentic and what I feel a true satanist, people gravitated to us. If it wasn’t for the high priestess and the magister as well I wouldn’t be this far either. I have great people beside me that take this as serious as I do. But they didn’t just pop up out of the blue, I was fortunate enough to meet them and found out they were both satanists and that they would love to be apart of this and see it grow. See…STEPS. It’s all about working hard and not giving up but being that leader. I credit myself a lot for being motivated to do this and for the love I have for satanism that I was able to start and have the people I have to keep building this up.

Now as far as satan goes, he didn’t give us these powers for nothing. He didn’t give us this knowledge to sit back and not use it to advance, that’s what he did, allowed us to advance ourselves through OUR wills. Satan does not grant the powers of hell to those who do not know responsibility and who are not willing to do something beneficial to themselves or those whom they care for, and who care for them. Hell and it’s powers are our natural abilities heightened to godhood. But it’s up to each individual person to realize that and educate themselves to these facts. Another thing I must clarify again is this: satan demands study…not worship. Some of us believe satan is a real being and that’s perfectly ok should you choose to. But he does not demand our worship as I’ve said countless times before. That’s where the powers of hell which we are given come into play. Yes ritual is a great tool to use for blessings to yourself and or those close to you, and also cursing your enemies or anyone who threatens you and those close to you. Ritual is where we connect our inner godheads with satan himself and enact our wills, and in the process release our emotions. Ritual is not, and I repeat not going to make money rain down and neither will satan. Satan laughs at the utter stupidity of people. As I’ve always said satanism is not for stupid people. Only those who are self sufficient, leaders and achievers. There’s many groups throughout the internet using the title of satanist/satanism claiming they’re the correct ones, but in reality they don’t understand the religion at all and should be ignored completely. Discover satanism ministries will always proclaim satanism in its true light, we believe satan to be the dark force inherent in all of nature and within ourselves. He is not a genie and it’s a disgrace to try and use his infernal name in such a way.

Hail satan

High priest: logan liming