Reverend logan

As discussed in my podcast, I am an ordained reverend. I am not associated with any satanic organizations other than my own, which I proudly founded. Which is discover satanism. I have been a satanist for over 10 years, and sadly a lot of those years I had to hide behind the Christian church, out of fear of persecution.

No longer am I hiding it from anyone. Those of you who know me personally know this already. I decided to get ordained for the purpose of performing satanic weddings, or doing satanic one on one counseling type sessions as well (I am not a licensed counselor). However I will help someone to the best of my ability if I am needed, and that person whom I speak to, actually is listening and applying the advice to their own life.

I recently added one on one sessions to the website as well as weddings. Now with discover satanism being its own independent satanic organization, I am the high priest and my partner is the high priestess. No we are not a church, atleast yet. I would love to see satanists gather with us for a black mass and other rituals in the future, and have us grow as our own organization.

We follow satanism as defined by Anton lavey, now I will say we do accept all different kinds of satanists be they luciferians as our high priestess is. And even theistic Satanists because we understand some need the spiritual element and that’s fine with us. You choose your own path of enlightenment.

I myself, follow the satanic Bible, I believe Satan is not necessarily a physical entity like the Christian Bible dictates. But merely an enlightened force found within each person if they choose to recognize it for themselves. Is he worshipped? No. Do I look to him for enlightenment? Yes, because he represents mankind as an animal by nature, and carnality which should be embraced.

Please don’t hesitate to email, text, or call me with any questions.

Thank you

High priest: logan liming

Hail Satan.