Most of us are taught from childhood what to believe, think, act like, and how we deal with certain situations and people. The particular area I want to focus on is spiritual religions, why? Because I feel these are a great example of not only total dominance and control, but of complete and utter brainwashing. The Abrahamic practitioners are told not to believe anything outside of their “sacred texts” and that they are to give souly to their deity. Their lives that is.

They must do as the “master commands” and anything against him is WRONG. Anything that is seen to have a simple explanation by us (satanists, atheists, etc.) is seen by them as supernatural, and therefore must have come from the heavens. I call BULLSHIT. I say that because I have learned throughout my life not just as a satanist, but all my life that if you believe something hard enough, then not only does your brain find evidence to support your theory, but it associates everything that happens with either that particular “god” or the bad with the “devil”.

It is proven scientifically that the brain is a very very powerful tool. It is capable of things I’m sure we have yet to discover. The problem with religions that focus on a so-called afterlife, is that these people do not live in reality. They focus on this paradise in which they know nothing about, much less if it exists or not. There’s no convincing them of reality. You might as well try and teach your dog how to drive a car, which actually might be easier to accomplish.

One example I can use is from my personal life. This particular person was related to me by marriage. They are EXTREMELY Christian. To the point it drives me insane. I believe I did speak on this in another essay, but it’s relatable so...anyway, i can’t say anything that’s not “godly” around them much less that I’m a satanist. If you say the word freaking, it’s an automatic no no. I’m also very passionate about the art of magic and have been since I was a kid.

I was told it was witchcraft bu said person. Which honestly hurt because it’s purely entertainment. I had asked if I could show her husband a trick. To which I was told..”Christians don’t care about magic”. Why? I asked. “It’s evil”. Hmmm, I never thought sleight of hand was evil but ok. So the reason I’m writing this is to put out the point there’s more than one way to see the world. Not to believe everything you see, hear, etc. sometimes what you were taught can turn out to be false.

This is the soul reason I hate these religions with a passion. They take logic and throw it out the door wether true or not. Science is non existent in these worlds. It’s a one sided point of view. And I feel raising kids to only see things from a books point of view is harmful because they don’t get a chance to make up their own minds. The parents make it up for them. I promote freedom of the mind, and the ability to see things in a way that make sense to you.

Teach kids to question things, and to ask the why, where and how of things in everyday life. This teaches them to be open to new ideas and to also come up with their own answers. It’s high time we start teaching logic and individuality and promote it strongly. No more corrupting young peoples minds to force them to believe and behave how you want them to. Let them grow.

Hail Satan.

High priest: logan liming