Living in an ass backwards world

It’s no surprise to anyone to see the craziness going on in todays society. As someone who generally stays to themselves with a select few friends and family I’m close to, I try to keep my nose out of the bullshit that’s becoming ever so popular these days. The main focus of this essay is on a group called MAP. For those who don’t know MAP stand for: Minor Attracted Persons. Basically this is an organization of pedophiles trying to gain acceptance as it just being their orientation. HOGWASH. I find this to be not only preposterous but outright horrendous and pure stupid. I was watching Blaire White on YouTube last night and I would like to take this quote from her and it states the following: “children cannot consent”. The reason I picked that little line is because these sick people are saying there’s nothing wrong with accepting it because the lgbtq community is accepted.

below is a MAP party lead on twitter.

As a father this upset me all the more because to think some perv would look at my child that way makes my blood boil. Or any child for that matter. As a satanist I do support the LGBTQ community, but this MAP b.s should NEVER under any circumstances be accepted or even looked at as an orientation. These people are the kind of people who need to be locked up for life as they pose a great threat to our children’s safety. I will take great pride in helping to get this whole pedo movement shut down. There are many things ms Blaire showed in the video of people on twitter supporting these people. To think we could possibly live in a world where this is ok and accepted is beyond belief, and not to mention in some state or states, this group is trying to say the age of consent should be lowered to 13-14. What the fuck? There was a guy on twitter who said and I quote: “some kids are more mature than adults”.

below shows yet another tweet from someone who thinks this is ok

Please tell me who in there right mind could even think those kind of thoughts a