Living in a dysfunctional world.

There’s so many things to say about the world today, and not just speaking from a satanic point of view. The world today is full of one sided, one way type of people, not all but a lot. There are many groups of people that only see things the way they either choose, or were taught to see it and everyone else is wrong.

Let’s talk hate groups for a second. Now speaking from my own point of view I think groups like this are pathetic and useless. Why waste all your energy hating a certain kind of person and or religious group? Simple....ignorance. These groups have no particular reason why they hate they just do. They’ll give you reasons like oh well I was raised not to like these people or my religion says this or that.

Well if your religion tells you that’s ok then I suggest you find a different god, because from what I hear of all spiritual religions, their god loves his creation but picks and chooses certain things you cannot do. These people are what I call blind sheep. What do I mean by that? Well they don’t have the ability to think independently, they depend on their holy book for guidance, or they turn to prayer to see where they should go in life. They follow it to the T. But also they do not practice what they preach. They preach love but practice hate. Does that sound like something that should be normalized?

Now we also have all these agendas being pushed on us, like the gay agenda. Now let me clarify as an individual satanist I DO 100% support gays and their freedom to love whom they choose and be happy, by all means please do what makes you happy. My issue is why do we need to publicize it and expose our young children to such a thing they need not concern themselves with? In my opinion it’s more of a fuck you type of thing rather than a movement, it’s throwing their freedom back in peoples faces who hate them.

While I do agree it’s ok to be prideful and proud of who you are and not live in fear for being different, I do think it’s a bit redundant to have such an obscene display of sexuality. I think the same thing with straight couples as well, we should not throw it in anybody’s face. Just be you and move on.

The final thing I want to bring up is the COVID pandemic. While I do agree the virus itself is real, I think the real issue is the media blowing it up and making it something that it is not. To me it’s all a scare tactic and the perfect way to control people. What better way to control the masses than with this so called beast that is taking lives left and right. Just like the Christian church’s belief in the devil, what better way to keep your followers in and paying your bills than with the threat of a horned monster.

Our brains are wired to find evidence of what we feel is real. Ergo if you think you’re sick, your brain will piece together every little thing to prove your theory. This is what the media’s doing, taking something like this virus and coming up with all these stats and stories of people having this or that from it, and saying we must do this to keep this virus down. Well in 08 when H1N1 was out and killed a lot of people, we were never told to wear a mask, or stay home, why? Because the more fear you instill in people the less they’ll pay attention to what’s really going on and fear for their lives.

This is their way of limiting our freedom and keeping us as blind sheep. Do some serious research and don’t listen to everything you are told.