Live for yourself

Live for yourself and if you have kids obviously put them first. Stop worrying about everybody else or trying to appease a deity. When you accomplish something give yourself a pat on the back, after all you were the one who accomplished it. You can’t blame anyone else for wrong doings because we all make our own choices in life, be it good or bad, there is no devil to blame for the bad and no god to thank for the good. You have to give existence meaning. You are the center of your universe, you are what’s most important in your world. You and your kids or family if you don’t have kids. Another thing, stop wasting love on ingrates. Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to love everyone because that just lessons the true meaning of the word. Love is a strong emotion felt by everyone at some point. Love those strongly who deserve your love and hate those who deserve your hate. We cannot love everyone and it’s impossible to think we can (Anton lavey). Food for thought. My personal take on life and what I’ve come to agree with and how I choose to live and actually feel free to just be a human and good father instead of being bound by religious bullshit.

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