Lil nas x

So I’m sure everyone has heard about lil nas x’s recent music video where he dances up on Satan. Then proceeds to break his neck and take his horns upon himself and claiming he is his own god. Then he has created what’s called the Satan shoe. To me, it looked pretty cool, minus the actual blood in the shoes. But...that’s not the only thing that seems to be following him.

So most of not all of you know he is also a gay man. And I personally have seen so many people saying how much he needs Jesus, but yet not accepting him for being different. Doesn’t the Bible say come as you are? Or is it translated into: come as you are and let us morph you into how you’re suppose to be?Hmmm, great questions. I think the answer is definitely the second one.

Everyone well mostly Christians say, lift him up in prayer. Well here’s a better solution, how about you shut the fuck up and let him be proud of who he is. We all have lives to live, and ones that don’t need other people’s opinions or drama added to it. Yes he is famous and it’s going to be known but, that doesn’t give probable cause to spew out bullshit opinions to try and change someone. It’s not effecting you, so be like Elsa from frozen and “let it go”.

I’m sure many can relate to what I’m about to say, though I don’t care for his music even though I did see the recent video. I do support him as a human being and, I fully believe he should not be shunned for his lifestyle. This is probably the shortest essay I’ve written, but I covered most of this in my podcast. So go check out “Satan talk” and listen to it there.

I just thought it was relevant to bring up and as someone who does support that community, bring up my opinion since everyone else did. I hope this makes sense. These are MY opinions, not speaking for all satanists. But this is from my perspective.

Hail Satan.

High priest: logan liming