Lies disguised as truth.

For centuries we have been fed by churches the so called truths of the great beyond, the scary tales of a monster named Satan who is ready to devour any soul that dares to reject god. And his demons who tempt mankind into evil deeds, but what is this really about? This is merely a mind control game constructed by the Catholic Church to control the masses, and have them as sheep following their religion blindly so to speak.

The Catholic Church has always been the one to supposedly follow the Bible down to the very last word of it, but they also do things contrary to the Bible. Such as worship graven images, pray to saints, pray to Mary, and pray the rosary. Though they claim this is biblical, from my understanding it is far from that. They preach that not doing these things is a result of the devil telling you not to seek out “the truth” and In turn believing his lies.

What are these lies though? Well one is that you can do everything by yourself and according to your own will. Another is being a carnal human as we are is wrong and evil, another is anything outside of the church is evil. These are just a few things the church teaches. They believe we are spiritual beings having a physical existence. Nothing could be further from the truth. We are carnal beings and nothing more.

The devil has always been given the evil role as stated in previous essays, because he is most like us. He demands study NOT WORSHIP. we as satanists are not required to bow down or to follow blindly as sheep simply because we follow our own destiny and do things in accordance to our will. In all religions Satan has been the one to enlighten mankind to much greater avenues, he is the one who gave us the “forbidden fruit”, the fruit of life, the things the “almighty” never wanted us to have because if we thought for ourselves then the churches would lose billions of dollars and would cease to exist.

It is because of the massive amount of what we refer to as the herd (Christians) that these buildings are up and running, preparing people for this falsehood they call an afterlife, which through science we have very little evidence supporting their claims. We question the doctrine that is Christianity and we test it. Read closely and see how often the Bible contradicts itself, the creation story alone in genesis has atleast 2 different ways in which humans came about.

But we ask ourselves, we’ll I do. Let’s go back to caveman times. We’re they concerned about wether or not they were sinning? We’re they concerned with waiting for marriage to have sex? We’re there groups of people who got together and worshipped? Absolutely not, 1 no one knew how to read them, and 2 religion didn’t exist. This is clear that not only is it made up, but everything written in the Bible is without a doubt nothing more than a humans interpretation of how one should live.

Question everything that doesn’t make sense to you. Don’t be as blind sheep and believe everything you hear. Live for you and do what helps you succeed here on earth.

Hail Satan