Lex talionis

According to the dictionary, lex talionis is defined as such: the law of retaliation, whereby a punishment resembles the offense committed in kind and degree. In short, let the punishment fit in kind and degree the crime. This is something we as satanists believe to be a fit and appropriate justice for those who would choose to harm, kill, steal, and anything of the sorts. Under this type of justice a person who for instance beats a woman, which we see far too much of. Would in turn for his punishment get the exact pain inflicted upon himself. Same goes for child abusers and murderers.

Upon learning of this from the high priest Peter h Gilmore of the church of Satan, I began to study exactly what this is and how it works. I found through my studies as described above it is a law and order type of justice. You do the crime, let the most suitable punishment fit. As someone who sees our current justice system as more of a system of a slap on the back of the hand type of system, I firmly promote the idea of lex talionis. I think society is far too lenient on wrongdoers while at the same time locking up innocent people for simply fitting the profile. Which is PROFILING. With this type of system it would be suitable to have credible witnesses, credible and physical evidence, and to give the offender the same treatment he gave to his victim.

A little personal background. As someone who has to live through having their 2 year old son be physically harmed by his moms dope headed boyfriend at the time, I tried more than I could to have him in jail which failed. Why? Because a little money goes along way. He was bailed out and that was it. In a lex talionis type of system, he would have received the torment he put my TWO YEAR OLD SON through, though I choose to let the force of Satan give him what he deserves through my will and wants. I still believe ANYONE who does harm to especially children should no longer be free ever again. I hate even telling this story because it takes me back to a time I don’t want to ever relive again.

Thankfully he’s been with me and is growing up better than ever. But back to what I was saying. Our justice system has let us down in so many ways. Nothing is ever done until it’s too late and they think a large payout is gonna cure the feeling of loosing a loved one. Why not step the fuck up and give these parasites the punishments they deserve? Because that’s cruel and unusual punishment. Cry me a river. Why do we care how they feel? They didn’t care about how that child or that woman or how the person they beat up felt right? So they in my opinion are no longer valuable to society.

Yes I know some who read this will think oh my god you are heartless, well to leeches and termites of society I am. But the ones who have been wrongfully imprisoned I believe fully, they should never have to work and should be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Due to half their lives being wasted because of “fitting the profile”. That’s where our system goes wrong. Punish the real criminals, and DO NOT give them a chance to get out again to be able to repeat the same thing if not something worse.

Hail Satan

High priest: logan liming