Hateful family members

So I thought I’d take this time to talk about something I’m sure we all deal with, or have dealt with at one point or another. Let’s talk family members who mistreat you or are just plain assholes for no reason. So to start, I wanted to tell a little story of something that happened to me. So I lived with my sister for 2 years. My son and I had 1 bedroom that we had to share, no other room in that place to store things or go in to play games etc. well she decided to move her boyfriend in without my agreeing to it.

This guy was not only a complete idiot, but an alcoholic asshole. He has no care about others and just does whatever he wants regardless on who it affects, or if it’s just plain dumb to do. So anyway, to shorten the story up a bit, one day without notice (legal notice), she decided to throw us out. Granted thankfully we found a place to go, but she completely and without reason let us be treated poorly and decided she didn’t want us there anymore. She also proceeded to throw our stuff out of the window.

Why do I tell this story? Well simply to show the idiocy of so called family, who’s suppose to have your back, not use you and throw you away like a piece of trash when you’re of no use to them anymore. We all have that one or multiple people who are harsh for no reason towards us, and without a good reason too. So how do we deal with these psychic vampires? Simple: treat them as they treat you. Do not turn the other cheek to your enemy, or you are placing yourself at their mercy ( quoted from the satanic Bible ).

In my situation, I felt that they deserved to feel everything they put myself and my son through. I implored a destruction ritual to expel the negative energy and give it to those who deserve it. I fully believe through my will, and the power of Satan, that everything will fall upon them like a tsunami crashing on land. They will reap everything they’ve done to us. If you’re going through something similar, I urge you to one NOT let them get away with cruelty towards you or those whom you love.

Now also if you wish to use ritual, be warned, you must not care what happens to your intended target. You are justified in avenging yourself towards injustice. As stated in the satanic statements: Satan represents vengeance, instead of turning the other cheek. This who would do harm wether physical or verbal, you are encouraged as a satanist to avenge yourself against that kind of injustice.

Remember, as stated in my essay don’t waste your love on ingrates, family can fall under that category too. As sad as it is, it’s true. Satan would not want us to just forgive and pray, he would want us to stand up and fight back (not physically unless necessary) but not to be walked on like a doormat. Satan is on your side, he always has been. Let no stone go unturned. If a man smite thee on one cheek, SMASH him on the other (the satanic Bible, book of Satan).

Hail Satan

-logan liming