Gods or ET’s?

So what I’m about to share with you is not scientifically proven nor is it anything necessarily factual, however I was having a conversation with my son the other day about aliens and ufos which we both believe in and are fascinated by. He brought up a point to me that I thought was interesting. He said dad what if aliens are the individual gods were attached to? And I asked what do you mean? He said well since you like Lucifer, what if he’s your ancient ancestor that you see yourself in most and that why you practice satanism, and what if the gods that other religions worship are just the same? Like different ET’s that each of us belong to and that’s why different religious groups fight about who’s right because these groups hated eachother in the past?

That conversation really made me think hard about everything. Not saying it is or isn’t true, but if you think about it it does make sense. Maybe the gods we identify ourselves with are just our ancient alien ancestors that were most attached to, and that each one had their own views of things and how they should go caused them to have a strong hatred for one another which now carries on to us (religion vs religion). Since being a child of around 10-12, I have been fascinated by the ufo phenomenon. I remember studying videos and books for hours upon hours and making my own little projects just because I enjoyed doing so. To this day as a 26 year old adult I still firmly believe we are not alone. There’s too much scientific evidence that suggests not only are there other habitable planets but life beyond our earth.

Dating back hundreds of years even in supposed biblical times there were stories of what were then called airships. If we look at some paintings of Mary, you’ll see a craft in the background. And throughout the Bible, stories of firey chariots coming from the sky sending messages to people. Now fast forward to the year 1897. On April 17, 1897 in aurora Texas a cigar shaped ufo reportedly crashed in to a windmill on a local farm. It was reported that two beings about 4’ tall were lying dead next to the crashed ufo. The farmer and family had gone first hand and not only seen the wreckage but had taken photographs of the bodies as well.

Pictured here is the actual photo taken by the farmer moments after ufo crash.

Now 50 years later on July 7, 1947 we go to Roswell New Mexico. A radio broadcast states that a flying disc has crashed at the Roswell army airbase. Three beings approximately 4’ tall were reported to be seen alongside the crashed ufo. It has been reported that one being was still alive but later died due to the injuries sustained during the crash.

Pictured below is Jesse marcell with recovered debris of the crashed spacecraft.