Gods frauds

It’s no secret that televangelists are con artists set out not to help you, but merely to help themselves. Let’s examine at least two well known televangelists that are considered the most wealthy tv preachers. First I must add this because it’s a question I get quite often: why do you always pick on Christianity? We’ll allow me to tell you. First off Christianity is completely anti human, it promotes everything that’s against nature and makes our natural desires sins. Secondly, because they claim to all be experts on satanism and love to tell people falsified information about us. So why not tell the truth about their crap they’ve been doing for centuries? Now on to the topic: Joel osteen is the pastor (and I use that term loosely) of Lakewood church in Houston Texas. This church is a mega church in what was the former compact center where major concerts and sporting events were held. This place seats at least 5,000 plus people. Just think if everyone in there donated $1, that’s a lot of TAX FREE money. Which I might add is probably why osteen and wife own two homes, one totaling 10.2 million, the other 2.9 million. With his uplifting and seemingly “spirit filled” sermons, osteen is nothing more than a business fraud sucking the money from peoples bank accounts. We in satanism call this psychic vampirism. Do you honestly think he or any of them care about your success? Hell no you’re just paying their bills.

How about Kenneth Copeland? Well his church (not sure of the name) generates upwards of over $100,000 easily almost daily. This fraud not only owns a 6.2 million dollar mansion (may cost even more), but also weaseled his congregation into donating enough to purchase a $65 million jet. Yes you read that right $65 million jet. Why would a preacher need his own jet? As quoted from Copeland himself: “ if I flew commercial airlines I’d have to stop 65% of what I’m doing”. I call bull. I guarantee not one of these greedy bastards cares a lick about their congregants, nor do they really believe in what they’re preaching. It’s a sales technique that gets morons to donate thinking they’ll get 10 fold back.

This ladies and gentlemen is precisely why I talk a lot about Christianity and these money hungry tv preachers. If you read my essay “Christianity…the scam of the century” I talk more about this as well. This essay is meant to add more details and facts. I have one more fraud I’d like to cover. Mr Jesse duplantis. This millionaire or as he says “multimillionaire” man is yet another one preaching the give give give so you can be blessed crap. He numerous times has bragged all over tv about his 5, yes that’s right 5 jets he owns. Not to mention his 22 chandeliers that quote on quote: “ cost more than most peoples houses”, now who being a supposed man of god would feel the need to brag about being extremely wealthy, not to mention TAX FREE? Well someone who’s prideful. But isn’t that a sin? Of course but it’s natural to us to want to brag about our successes. But you see these people who buy into this shit really think god is going to bless them like he did these preachers. HOGWASH, god does not exist first off, secondly these people are this wealthy because they know how to sell, they’re essentially salesmen. And they’re selling people who are empty inside what they want to hear and they eat it up. That’s why it’s so easy for them to get rich and get rich quick. The satanist is not so easily fooled. We see right through your fake watery eyes, your fake smiles, this false book in which you preach out of. We satanists say if you’re stupid enough to listen to these people, then you deserve what you’re getting or giving I should say. DONT BE A FOOL.

Hail satan

High priest: logan liming