God doesn’t care

We’ve all heard the phrase god loves his people right? And god loves everyone equal, but is this really true? HELL NO, why you ask? Simple, if we were this prized, loved creation of his, then why would there be so much killing, children being harmed, and war? Well this is all a deceitful bold lie taught by the church for centuries to convince its followers to by into this notion that they’re really loved.

Let’s look at the church teachings. What are they taught about god? To fear him. Why would you need to fear this all loving and supreme overlord if he wants you to love him? It’s because fear is power, and very powerful. He feeds off your fear of being in a constant panic of sinning and being damned to hell. The more fear he can instill in his followers, the more power he has over them.

We as satanists hate the Christian teachings because we feel they are nothing more than dictatorship. Let’s also look at the scripture that states: one must be like a child before they may enter the kingdom of heaven. What does this mean? It’s simply stating that they don’t want you to grow up and mature, don’t think for yourself and free yourself from their control. Children have this innocents and are easily molded into a specific behavior. That’s what they want their followers to be like. Never growing up and never being self-sufficient.

Satan, is the one who according to the accounts has never told anybody to bow down and worship him, and has also never said to fear him. So why is he so bad? He’s bad because he encourages mankind to think in their own 2 feet, to look at yourself as your own most high. You take responsibility for your own life. Satan (Lucifer) is the guiding force of humanity, the one who wants to advance us to godhead and reject the bullshit of Christianity.

Satan is the enlightened one, lord of fire, the liberator of humanity.

Hail Satan