Fact or fiction?

So we’ve all been aware of the craziness that been plaguing the world since April of 2020. But what can we be sure is real or simply bullshit? Truthfully there’s no one right answer, I can tell you what I believe to be fact and you be like research the very same thing and find everything I told you to be wrong. This is a situation where we as individuals need to find things that make sense to us and are backed by hard scientific evidence. Because as we know (satanists especially), science is the source for truth. Let’s try this one for instance. Recently the pentagon released an arrival about ufos and their possible otherworldly link.

Now if you’re someone like me, I have studied ufos and aliens since I was a kid and believe very strongly that they exist. To back up my claim I turn to nasa. NASA has stated through the Hubble telescope they were able to find multitudes of habitable planets perfect for sustaining life. Now other may be skeptics and I understand that. But I like many of you I’m sure, dig very hard into finding out everything I can. NASA has also found a planet called Kepler 452b , which according to reports is an earth like planet about 1402 light years from earth. This planet has been said to be an almost perfect replica of earth.

So for me the evidence speaks for itself, I believe in aliens and I believe they have visited us for years. Anyway, back on to what I was taking about. So in the midst of all the insane things going on, one things still baffling me. COVID. Has anyone noticed that all of a sudden COVID has disappeared? Remember way back last year when it was a global pandemic and the world went batshit crazy? Ya me too. I was always skeptical that it was even what they said it was. Not saying it wasn’t real but the severity of it I feel was WAYYY overplayed. Now fast forward to June 2nd, 2021, all health orders are lifted as if like a light switch they turned the “disease” off. Hmmmm, seems suspicious.

If you really think about it this whole thing was used as a control tactic to see what they could do to get us to buy into what we’re being told. The riots that broke out during all this, and yet through “studies” no evidence was found to suggest COVID spread amongst the crowds during these protests, EVEN without masks. Sounds like a load of BULLSHIT. Watching all of these things happen has made me realize two things. One: people will believe literally anything you tell them. And two: we are slowly being divided as a country. It’s horrendous all the racism and hate going on. But in my opinion the media plays a big part In this, why? Because it’s quite easy to edit a clip to show what you want people to see to get them riled up and pissed off. That’s the media’s purpose is to tell you this is what happened while leaving out the rest of the picture.

Though things seem to be getting back to normal, we are still just as pons on the chess board being moved along to where they want us to be. As I’ve said before do your research because you may find something I don’t know or that may have not been true at all. But as always question everything and find the answers.

Hail Satan

High priest: logan liming