Embrace the dark side

So as you’ve read from my last two essays, I’ve given a sort of description of things that have happened in my early life. Why you ask? Because I feel that they’re true examples of the bullshit we not just as satanists face, but we as people who are not in the realms of what society deems as acceptable. I myself, never have accepted modern societies rules for dressing, or religious beliefs, or really anything they say is “right”.

Now begs the question: why do I rebel against the so called norm? Simple. What is normal to them, is abnormal to me. And what is normal to me, is abnormal to them. So by being the outsider, I am showing a different perspective and outlook on life, and the world around me. It would be a terrible place if everyone looked or thought the same. We would absolutely hate it if everyone was like we are.

Having opposition is good and bad. Having those who don’t understand what you are doing or believing really gives you a chance to shine and also present other views, maybe even some that are not heard of. As stated in the essay: non conformist, I was the gothic person, I saw the true light through the darkness. I choose to embrace darkness rather than fear it.

What do I mean by darkness? It means the things of which are not socially acceptable by mainstream society. I choose to embrace being the weird one, because I enjoyed just living by what pleases me, regardless on wether I fit in or not. Fitting in has always been cliche to me. I hated what the so called popular kids were like, and how they treated anyone who wasn’t in their click.

So I was a lot of times a loner, and perfectly ok with it. I had my close friends who embraced me as I was and that’s all that mattered to me. Most of the friends I had were pagan practitioners, so being a satanist was of no trouble to them. They in fact, or most of them had started to study the philosophy and we would hold our own little rituals outside in a collective group. It was a great time, a time filled with love and support of those around you.

What was the point of these essays? Merely to get the idea out of you as a satanist or merry a human, accepting your differences as being normal. Do not be a conformist just to fit in. We have enough sheep, we need more Shepard’s. Embrace the dark side, because the dark side is the true nature of us as human animals that everyone’s scared to admit they have. Take great joy in your carnality, and take great pride in yourself.

Hail Satan.