Do not waste your love on ingrates

Let’s face it we’ve all had a time where we’ve been deeply in love and have been betrayed by the one we love deeply, or have family or friends who seem to break our hearts. This essay is about giving your love fully to those who deserve it and not wasting it on people who seem to do nothing but break you.

Satanic statement #4: SATAN REPRESENTS KINDNESS TO THISE WHO DESERVE IT, INSTEAD OF LOVE WASTED ON INGRATES. So how do we classify someone as an ingrate? Well defines an ingrate as simply ungreatful. So if you’re giving your all to someone be it a relationship, family, friends, etc. and they seem to not give you the same type of love and appreciation in return, then they are ingrates.

I had an experience that I can recall that hurt me greatly. This one sadly involves my own father. All my childhood I felt with an angry drunk, and it was hard telling what type of mood he was in until he got home. Some days were great and we had a lot of fun, but then add some beer and shit went south real fast. I remember how much I tried to do things that would make him proud of me and just happy with me, but no matter what I did it was never good enough. One day I was told by him my parents were getting a divorce and it was quote on quote “my fault”. Why I told this story was simply to give an example of someone who atleast to me seemed ungreatful towards me.

From that point on I hated him with a passion and thought “why should I even waste an I love you on you”? If you don’t love me, why should I love or respect you? This killed me to say but it killed me more that my own father hated me and it caused me to have pent up hatred and anger towards the world. My whole point is no matter who it involves love is one of the strongest emotions felt by humans. To say the words “I love you” is a deep feeling for someone and in a way a deep admiration for that person.

As stated in my essay why I left the Christian church, I was always told by religious people that I was close with that I need to forgive and love because that’s what “god does”. But again why try to love someone who doesn’t love me? Because we as humans want to have that warm feeling of love and comfort and the security that follows.

Now when it comes to anybody outside of family or friends, as said by dr lavey: “you cannot love everybody, it is ridiculous to think that you can. How can you love or hate someone whom you’ve never met? Well truthfully you can’t because you don’t know them. To care about others is a lot different than saying you love everyone. It is ok to have compassion for other humans and animals as well. But if someone treats you cruelly, are you going to “turn the other cheek” and go on loving them? I highly fuckin doubt it. It would be stupid to do so, and a complete waste of one of the strongest emotions felt by man.

Now I understand when it comes to parents we as their children should love and honor them, but in cases of abuse I say HATE THEM WITH A PASSION. They don’t deserve to be in your presents, let alone hear an I love you from you. As stated in the satanic Bible the book of Lucifer: love strongly those who deserve your love. I hope this all made sense I know there’s a lot of questions and rambling but it’s why I’ve mulled it around in my head for years. But I hope this essay can help someone else who may be struggling with this too.