Discovering your true self

We are all so focused on what other people think of us or try to look a certain way to get someone’s attention. Popular demand as in you must look like this in order to be accepted or liked by a certain kind of person or group of people. We as humans are so controlled by the “masses” be it religion, race, looks(physical) or the newest shoes, pants or whatever it is and we focus all our energy and time on “fitting” in or “trying to be the cool one” rather than being who you are regardless of what anyone says. No one be it a deity or human has control of you, your life is solely in your control, you are your own godhead figure and any decision you make is by your own choice. You can’t blame Satan for your failure and bad days because one he doesn’t exist and two you did something to cause whatever happened. In the same way you can’t thank god for something you did or accomplished. God does not exist Argo he had nothing to do with it. Give yourself a pat on the back or evaluate where things went wrong and question what did I do or what happened to lead up to this thing? Think about it religion is all man made to control your very actions and even your thoughts. If you’re gay you’re automatically doomed to hell. Why? Because people are afraid of what they don’t understand and because they don’t agree they now have to justify their actions and cast their thoughts on “god” and basically blame him for their reasoning. Why would an all loving all forgiving god damn you for expressing your love? Why would he let things happen horribly to children and people in general if he’s real and all control is his? I’ve heard it’s because “it was gods will” well to me that sounds more evil than Lucifer who only wants to advance and encourages growth amongst humans. Yes Ik we all have free will but if god has all day then he could step In knowing this or that’s wrong and stop it right? Well that says to me it’s all bullshit and proves it’s a man made thing. No human can tell you wether there is or isn’t a god what he thinks, or how he feels, or what we are suppose to do according to his will. The Bible is a control device and being as one who’s been to church half my life I can verify this. You are condemned for being anything other than what the church wants you to be. We are human, we control our destiny, we are the center of the universe, we have all say in the direction we take our lives. Think about it.

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