Destruction ritual

Let’s talk about the destruction ritual. What is this ritual and why do we use it? Well first the destruction ritual is a ritual based on causing the fall of an enemy. We use this in the case of somebody has caused us harm in some way or our family harm and we SYMBOLICALLY NOT PHYSICALLY destroy them through our casting of a curse. this is a very powerful ritual and requires that if you throw a curse then you must throw it without care of what happens to the individual whom it is placed upon. If you throw a curse and then feel bad about it that weakens your magic and most likely the curse will fail (quoted from the satanic Bible).


as stated above this is only used to release anger towards someone who has wronged you or gone out of their way to harm you or those you love. You go into a theatrical space be it a room in your home or even your car, any place you can be in a quiet spot and focus all your energy toward the target. You can make a doll of them and stick pins in it, you can take a picture of them and burn it or simply just get a mental image of that person and through ritual magic throw your curse at them. Now we don’t expect like in the movies that if you do this the persons gonna feel physical pain, however we do expect our magic to work and in the fact that your curse was a success and you have accomplished your goal then you should rejoice in that persons destruction.


take great care in choosing wisely when you throw a curse and to whom you throw it in. Let’s face it we all deal with bullshit in our lives and stress. However you cannot get pissed off at your boss for getting on you about picking it up at work, or a rude customer who may just be having a bad day and happens to take it out on you at that time. Yes it may not be fair all the time but we satanists realize that life is what we make it. So we can either let little things bother us or focus all our energy on progressing our lives for the greater benefit of our families or ourselves.