Dealing with dumbass people

Let’s face it we all know, or work with somebody or even have family who we cannot stand. I know I personally cannot stand someone who’s constantly judging me for whatever it is, be it my religious beliefs or how I dress, the music I listen to etc. we all have atleast one person that just bugs the fuck out of us and as hard as it is to deal with them we must. Now when it comes to family that get on my nerves I tend to avoid even being around them let alone talking to them even on the phone or through social media.

Short story. So I married my high school sweetheart who is my sons mom. We met when we were in our junior year, and it was love at first sight. We had our ups and downs but it was great, she was the woman of my dreams. We ended up getting divorced after only 6 months which broke me. Anyways her family is very Christian I mean to the point you can’t say freakin because it’s pretty much like fuck. Well her grandmother whom I do love very much has always been very critical of my type of dress, my music tastes and the fact that I cuss ALOT. Well when they found out I was a satanist that was the straw that broke the camels back, I was immediately looked down upon and criticized constantly. I was told how I was going to hell if I didn’t repent and that I was dragging my then girlfriend with me. Moral of the story is as much as I love her and all of them I hate having to hide myself around them just to keep from being judged.

Now people in the workplace that we have a hard time dealing with can be really stressful especially when they seem to get away with literally everything. I’ve dealt with many people and still do that I absolutely hate, and would love to just smack the shit out of them. But alas I cannot. I found that when that one asshole just won’t stop the best thing besides waking away is pretend it doesn’t even bother you, cause chances are that will piss them off when they know they haven’t gotten to you. Be the bigger and more professional person because in the long run especially on the job it looks way better on you and makes them look like exactly what they are. Assholes. We satanists believe in being a respectable, presentable and productive member of society, and do whatever we have to do to benefit our families and ourselves. So if you are a satanist or even a non-satanist after a stressful day go home and go to your decompression chamber and release all those pent up emotions that are hindering you from enjoying life.

As discussed in a previous essay, if someone has physically harmed you or even threatened to harm you go in a quiet dark room lit by candle light and perform a destruction ritual and (symbolically destroy them) with the throwing of a curse. Then after you have done so, and the candles are blown out focus your energy now towards the fact they will get what they deserve and when they do take pride in the fact that your magic worked.

Remember satanic statement #6 responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires. If they seek to try and destroy you. DESTROY THEM.

hail Satan.