So I’m sure of many of you don’t believe or even want to give this religion a thought. But I promise you will free and happy. Here’s another reason why me “converting” to a Luciferian made me just 10 times happier. My husband was into pagan things (which you can kinda do pagan things into the “Satanic group”). ANYWAY, he was into that hard core and al of a sudden one day he just decides to go to church and worship ”Jesus” . Now me being the religion I am made me feel some type of way however I never pushed him, he did though. I don’t like to be anywhere near the “false god”. But, it is what it is. Things were GREAT before he started going to church and what not. During his time in church, the church would help him out with money and what not which was appreciated but I knew this “false god” would eventually make our lives so much worse. He kept telling me “maybe you’re not happy because of who you worship“ I said “no, I’m perfectly happy it’s you who isn’t going to be happy soon” he than ask “why do you choose this religion?” I said “because, people at the church tell me to “pray” he will come he will “answer” there’s many times I needed help and it was like talking to a brick wall he never done anything for me but do the OPPOSITE of make me happy.” I warned him, sure enough 2-3 months later he lost his job, we lost our home and than COVID-19 happened So we couldn’t really fix our situation. And he see’s now that going to “false god church” will just end up leaving you with nothing. Just because we don’t “follow” his “rules”. This is just one of MANY reasons why I’m happy that I converted. He stopped going and we are doing so much better now.

-Hail Lucifer

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