Conversion therapy

So let’s talk about this because it seems to still be in practice today. It is believed by these so-called “licensed therapists” that they can somehow magically change a persons sexual orientation by means of “prayer”. These people have convinced themselves that gay people are sick and that their orientation is a mental illness. Sound stupid yet? Well let’s continue on.

In 2007, a study done by the task force had concluded without a doubt that conversion (reparative) therapy does not under any circumstances help an individual. But it is proven it does cause lots of harm. Targeting mostly young teens who identify as part of the lgbtq community to join these groups and proceed to tell them god hates them and wants them to change. As they cannot inherit the kingdom if they are gay. SUCH BULLSHIT. the fact that these religious people prey(not pray) on these young kids who don’t quite understand their feelings yet and completely make them feel guilty for them is sick in my book.

If you want my honest opinion, These so-called counselors are right up there with hitler. Why? Because like him, if they don’t like it or agree then it’s wrong. Sound familiar? I thought so. If you haven’t yet seen the documentary called pray away, I urge you to watch it. Specifically so you understand where I’m coming from writing this post, and the hell these people have been put through just trying to be themselves. I find it preposterous especially as a father to see so many young kids tormented by grown adults who aren’t comfortable enough with themselves, therefore they make others feel ashamed too.

Though it’s been proven not just through the 2007 study that this type of therapy does not work, but mainstream medical and mental health organizations worldwide have completely rejected this as a legitimate form or therapy. Stating that these people are suffering from depression, anxiety, and many other forms of mental health issues. Some have even attempted or committed suicide as a part of being in these groups.

As of now to date, 22 states have made laws protecting lgbtq youth from these harmful practices. I assume from seeing the effects it has on people especially those that don’t quite understand their feelings yet. Though it’s also estimated that 20,000 lgbtq minors could be affected by these kinds of things, if states don’t do anything to protect them. These are not made up from just my opinion, these are actual facts stated from the hrc website. Now some things in here are definitely my opinion thrown in, but I have to add my two cents into it or it would be just facts and not my opinion as well. If that makes sense.

I have always been someone who supported the gay community and have been open about it for years. And I take pride in it because I believe you should be free to love who you want. Just because I may not want to date a man, doesn’t mean I’m against it. I’m not. What I am saying is that these people either don’t know because they’re too stupid, or they just don’t give a fuck and want to try and make people be like them, that they are actually causing these people to feel worthless and ashamed of who they are. Discover satanism ministries as stated before DOES ADVOCATE ANY FORM OF MARRIAGE, AND WE DO STAND WITH THE LGBTQ COMMUNITY. WE ARE 100% BEHIND YOU.

I will continue to expose things like this and I also offer those who have personally been victimized by this bullshit to come and chat with me if you wish. We want to help you be proud of who you are and to also walk with you head held high. No more bowing to the idiots of the world, stand and be proud as Lucifer still is and through his example we should strive to be ourselves.