Christianity: the scam of the century.

We all know Christianity in itself is a scam. But what about the pastors and televangelists who promise if you donate to them, you will receive thousands or even millions of dollars? Well it’s called a prosperity gospel, but like Christianity and it’s empty promises, it makes these parasites filthy rich and you? Just a little more poor. Through this essay I will include 3 major names but also my satanic perspective on this sort of thing. So let’s just dive right into it. So throughout the years we’ve all seen atleast one of these leeches preach the so called “word of god” and then sit back and watch the money come flowing in. Let’s start first by looking at Kenneth Copeland.

Kenneth Copeland is a well known televangelist and scam artist, though most who follow the faith fail to see behind the cross. In a news report some years back, a team flew directly over his $1.6 million dollar lakeside mansion on numerous acres of land, not to mention the 7 yes you read that right 7 private jets he owns. When asked by news reporters what the need for this many jets are he replied: “that’s none of your business”. So it would seem that mr cashman I’m sorry Copeland, is living a very well off and luxurious lifestyle all the meanwhile his sheep are just continually throwing more dollars his way.

Let’s take a look at another one who goes by the name Joel osteen. Joel osteen is the pastor of Lakewood church in Texas which was once an old arena for sports, but is now a huge church. Joel and his wife live in a very luxurious $1 million + mansion and atleast to my knowledge feel no sorrow for the literal paycheck that the thousands of people who show up to his church give each week. If you’ve seen him preach, you will notice how he tends to repeat the same shit over and over but use different words. He has also been Interviewed by Larry king years back and if you watch and listen closely, Joel tends to contradict what he claims to preach on tv “according to the Bible” and what he personally believes. He never gives straight answers and I do recall when the floods happened in Texas, he was ostracized for not allowing people in the church to weather out the storm while he and his wife chilled in their big ass house nice and dry, probably watching tv and enjoying life. He was under a lot of scrutiny and due to that, decided to open the doors claiming: “ we weren’t able to let people in due to the rain”. This we know is BULLSHIT, he could if he gave a fuck but we know it’s all about money.

Now the final one I want to mention is a guy by the name of rod parsley. With this I will share my personal al story from years ago to back up my claims. So years back when I was married, we both tried to go to church mostly to keep her family off our fuckin backs. We decided to go to world harvest which is parsley’s church. It was exciting at the time because we’d seen him on tv and thought it would be cool to see him in person. Upon coming in stage mr parsley proceeded to take out a dollar proclaiming: “you see this right here”? “This… is your seed. A seed that is in need of a harvest”. Followed by tons more rambling of give me give me basically. Then he has someone who claimed to be a prophet come on stage and hype the audience up by saying: “ somebody in here, I sense you e been having money troubles” ( there’s that money word yet again) “will I promise you today, that if you sow a seed of $20 or more. God will wipe out your debt, and multiply your bank account”. Which to add to the obnoxiousness of the whole thing, rod does some funky I feel the Holy Ghost dance which just hypes the people up more. My then wife and I both said fuck this and left. Never again did we return.

So what is the point of me writing this? Well simple, because these leeches that call themselves men of god, are nothing more than Charlatans set of to get rich while the sheep continue to throw it at them. As satanists I’m sure we can all agree that these people are parasites and most of all that Christianity is a religion for the weak, and the feeble minded. People who can’t stand on their own two feet and must wait for sky daddy to make their life right, or being some miracle to them instead of getting off their lazy asses and making it happen. If only the understood the concepts of responsibility to the responsible, and the fact that we are our own gods (can I get a hail Satan?). We control our own lives and the outcomes of everything that happens by not only the things we say but also the things that we do. So as satanists we aren’t required to be open about being a satanist, but we can still use lesser magic in the way we present ourselves professionally, the way we speak and our actions.