Cancel culture

Today’s culture is at an all time low. What I’m referring to is this new thing called “cancel culture”. We all know there are people who don’t care and just leave shit alone, then there’s people who are offended by literally anything and everything. Let’s take Eminem. Eminem is in my opinion one of the greatest rappers ever, I grew up with his music and still listen to it these days.

There was a lyric that he wrote that was stating something about burning a house or something with someone being trapped inside it. Now, let’s look back at a lot of his songs of the past. This ONE line, was what set people ablaze with anger over him. My only thought is what the hell? He’s a rapper and a real one at that, why does this one line get everybody in a frenzy? Did we forget about the bullshit we call music these days?

Well allow me to remind you of one in particular, who is very well known. She goes by the name cardi b. Every lyric I’ve personally heard, has something about her pussy, or about how she basically robbed some guys. Is this the kind of thing we think is ok for our kids to listen to, and have for role models? I think this bullshit is more concerning than anything Eminem has written.

There’s also a rapper who goes by the name: lil xan. In my opinion, is at the top of the worst so-called artists to ever walk the earth. I’ve heard some of his shit, and truthfully it makes no sense, but he also promotes drug use and money, money, money. Yes money is great but the way these people are portraying it is not. The lyrics these people write, are nothing more than just words to rhyme wether they make sense or not. And we know they don’t.

These are just a few things that I’ve noticed myself recently. We’re cancelling things of the past and allowing things of pure filth and meaninglessness polite our kids ears, and our own. Yes this is a small thing that’s wrong with this world today, but it is important to realize that we’re getting mad about the wrong things. We’re oblivious to the pointless and stupid things, while trying to rid ourselves of things with true meaning and things of the past.

These are just my opinions but, I think as a parent myself these things are pointless to even bicker about. We as people need to quit being so concerned with pop culture, and this and that. The more we talk, the more they’re making money. So talking is in essence paying them like it or not. Keep the good and meaningful, and rid the disgusting and despicable.

Hail Satan.

-logan liming