Behind the crucifix

Now I’m sure you don’t see too many people writing things about this particular religious person due to all the backlash you may get. However being a satanist, I’m exposing what I consider true evil. Now let’s bring our attention to the Vatican and the dreaded pope. Why them you ask? Well because I have seen over the years many things within the confines of the Catholic Church that I find reprehensible. But one in particular stands out and I will be discussing it in this essay. It’s been called the Catholic scandal and has been undoubtedly one of the most covered up things in the world.

What I’m referring to is the child abuse going on behind the walls of the church.

Pictured below is an actual document from the Vatican stating how bad it would look on them if a priest were to be exposed for such a crime.

Now begs the question…why would these so-called “men of god” harm what they believe to be gods creation? And commit a “grave sin” that priests aren’t suppose to even do? I’ll tell you why, they are using religion as a coverup for their evil deeds. God as we all know is nonexistent, but these sick fuckers are real. This has been going on for years and to this day…TO THIS DAY is still being covered up for protecting the reputation of the church and the priest in general. Why would they cover up something so heinous like this? I never in a million years will understand how something so evil can be looked at as nothing basically.

I have researched these documents and watched numerous documentaries on this fucked up religion. I can’t even say how much it sickens me to see how many children are harmed by these sick fucks and they are protected, when they should be strung up by their necks. The Catholic Church is horrible, they preach one thing and practice WAY different things. The pope as pictured at the beginning of the essay, is the sick leader behind all this and is seen as the “holiest”. Well I see a lot of holes in these idiots but not one of them seem holy.

As a satanist and in an essay I’ve written before called lex talionis, is exactly how I feel these types of things should be treated. Let the punishment fit in kind and degree the crime. So next time you hear the phrase there is a battle between good and evil, from a religious nut, just remember this…it’s not spiritual it’s the sick ass people like this vs the people who want to see justice served and these type of people locked up.

No longer should this type of thing go unnoticed, or should it ever be in the shadows again. They want to call satanists evil but yet we wouldn’t harm a child at all, we are appalled by that. But when we look behind the crucifix, we see the real evil and that’s these so-called “men of god”.