A trip down memory pain

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

Let’s take a trip down memory lane for a second. This is a trip through my own life, and some things I’ve dealt with. So starting in 2005, my 5th grade year, I was the sort of geeky kid who loved ufos and was very into magic tricks. In fact, I refused to go anywhere without a deck of cards, or some coins. I would get in trouble at school for playing with my cards during class all the time.

Now onto the bullshit. So throughout my childhood I became the socially awkward kid, I was atleast in my head, considered the ugly duckling. I had been told numerous times I was by a lot of girls. I was shunned by the popular crowd and really felt like I didn’t belong. So, I would spend my time focusing on my magic, rather than focusing on making friends or dating.

By the time I reached high school, I was so angry and broken inside, I took it out on those who I felt deserved it, the ones who shunned me. By this time I was heavily into the gothic look which seemed to frighten a lot of people. I had a piss poor attitude towards almost everyone who wasn’t my mother or friend. I can recall an incident where one of the “popular kids” would say something under their breath in class.

And I would be the one to stand up and say: “ say it louder mother fucker”. This was the angry, vengeful person releasing towards those who deserved it. I was no longer allowing anyone to treat me like a doormat. I dove into the satanic Bible for answers and learned to use ritual magic as a healthy means of release.

A perfect example of this was a girl I was madly in love with, had cheated on me. The guy whom she had cheated with was in my opinion a piece of shit and had no conscious. So the day I found out this happened, I came home and immediately employed a destruction ritual, hoping he would get exactly what he deserved.

I found out from my then girlfriend, this guy had ended up getting his ass beat, somewhat badly from people that had gone to my school. I pridefully celebrated his demise, and knew that if I could release my negative energy through ritual, it would go exactly where it needs to go, to the one who causes me harm.

These are things I hate with a passion to think about, but it also has great examples of using satanism as a means to take control of my own life. I hope this can help others too who might be dealing with some assholes out there. It’s tough but through your will you can create your future. Those who would stand as an obstacle, make them fear you, for the power of Satan is the true life force. One that is through your own will. Use what you are given and have a successful life.

Hail Satan