A Start Of A New beginning

So I just want to start off with how excited I am to be here blogging and sharing my experience with you. Anyway, I’ll just right into it! So my “Start Of A New Beginning“ started 3 in a half years ago when I was in a very low point in my life. I was with someone who was an abusive drug addict and my ex was into the whole Lucifer religion but i don't think he was completely into it meaning he wasn't spiritually into it. He more than less did it for a "scare factor". That's how the "idea" came into play. I have to admit at first it was a little scary to me     like "oh this is wrong and the idea of it was wrong" but, one day i just didn't so much reject the idea i was like "okay, i kinda want to know some more about this religion" and it was weird timing for me. One morning I get a phone call saying that my aunt had passed away from a “car accident“ now I say that like that because most of my family believes that she was rather murdered.I was in shock, even though we weren't close that was still my family. So we held a big funeral for her and an after little gathering. Now, my best friend and I who were friends of 13 years had fallen out because of my ex. SOMETHING told me to pick up the phone and text her to reach out and so i did. I'm just sitting there nervously waiting and she finally answered me saying "you can come over I haven't heard from you in a while and I worry about you". So, I went over (looking very traumatized) and we just started talking catching up on things. Next thing we get on the subject of my ex and I was like "I need to leave girl, or I will end up dying. I just can't go anywhere hes threatened my family and I. I'm scared." and so she said "There's this job hiring decent pay, you can come work with me ill give you a place to stay and rides to work". And I've never been happier, that's all i needed was a friend, a place to go to for a bit. That was a done deal. I put in a job application to where she works and i felt like this is the "right" path i needed to be on. I felt like something was guided me to this moment. Now getting all my stuff wasn't going to be easy nor this job so i'd have to stay and kinda "act" like i was still with him. Every morning i would wake up pack more and more of my stuff to take it with me go to work and drop some of my stuff at my moms. As long as i didn't stay at my moms i was safe. This is the ONLY way i knew how to do this while trying to "keep the peace". I know what you're thinking "this has nothing to do with your religion" but it does it will all make sense. Anyway, my friend took us to the mall and she got me a Starbucks cup i loved that cup so much!! So the next day, i was at work i was really down i was tired, frustrated, scared and felt really alone. I had my Starbucks cup on my table and the table was straight as ever. It didn't wobble or anything. I just looked up and was like "Lucifer, if you're listing or if you're real help me. Show me a sign that you are real or listing. Do you think i'm doing the right thing by leaving him. If so, knock over my cup off this table, i need to know". So my job was graphic design (embroidery) so i had to hoop a duvet on a different table which wasn't far from my original table. So i went to the other table started the hooping process and next thing i know i hear a loud crashing noise. So i walked back to my table (leaving my duvet) and sure enough my cup is laying on the floor shattered into pieces and for the first time ever i was happy that something was broken. No one was near my table i was watching it, i just personally don't find that a coincidence. Within seconds it was broken. That is when i became a believer. This is when "A Start Of A New Beginning Started". This is when Lucifer Morning-star indeed did and has continued to be a light bringer and shine light