A new form of control

So we’re all up to date on this new variant right? Well I have a hard time believing anything the media says these days. Why you ask? Because they tend to not only spew bullshit stories but also bullshit facts. It seems as of July 2, 2021 when the mask mandates were lifted and we felt a sense of normal, and had our freedom again, that they needed to step the game up and figure out another way to throw the population back in a panic. What better way than an even stronger, more contagious and deadly variant. Some governors of various states have put mask mandates back in place to diminish the spread of said variant. While people still continue to try and live “normally” again, the cdc seems to keep pushing more and more “facts” about this new variant out to the public eye. I’m not saying COVID isn’t real, but I think it’s being a little too drawn out if you want my opinion.

Now with cases rising once again the urge for promoting getting the vaccine is basically being thrown in our faces like a pie from a circus clown. They’re even going as far as offering money to get the shot. This to me is stating that they will go to any length to put this in your body. But why is it that important? I mean the flu vaccine wasn’t pushed this bad, so why push the COVID vaccine? Well I think (personal opinion) it’s a form of population control. With the rising death toll we’ve seen last year when the virus first peeked, it’s clear now with all the separation of families, friends, and social events, that this is a way to keep us all secluded and not realize what’s really going on in the world. Or behind the curtain. There have been raptors of people especially young adults who have taken their own lives due to the isolation and not being able to get out and see those they love. That’s what I mean by control.

There’s a rash of stupidity going around. It seems the real virus is the media because if we see it in tv and especially someone who’s famous is either for or against, the general population seems to grab onto it with a vengeance. They are being as sheep following a Shepard and not able to stand in their own opinions, or their own two feet. This would be considered herd conformity. Though many like myself don’t agree with the guidelines put forth, we still as responsible citizens must do our best to not get into any trouble because after all we don’t want to let stupidity overtake us. It is the biggest sin of satanism as mention many times before. Now also with that everyone is entitled to do as they feel. If you want to get the vaccine, then by all means do it. If not then don’t. Nobody should be persecuted should they choose not to, or they choose to. It’s all about freedom of choice, but also we should have the freedom to voice our opinions about it and why we feel the way we do. This last year has been tough on everyone and the way it seems to be going is gonna be another tough year, but let’s do our best to get through it and come out even stronger than before. The mighty light of Lucifer shall prevail over all and the truth will be revealed.

Hail Satan

High priest: logan