Today’s world is full of idiots and quite frankly it’s hard not to hate stupidity especially stupid people. The things we deal with like racism and bigotry are in my opinion the two stupidest things anyone can be, though we all have our opinions some (racist ones) are better left unsaid. I, like many of you I’m sure deal with people you can’t stand in a daily basis, the kind of people you want to just smack some common sense into. But that would be stupid to do, let stupid be stupid and they’ll weed themselves out, simply because in my opinion they’re the weak ones.

So satanically speaking hating someone for being stupid is not totally wrong, but we also have to look at the decree of their stupidity. People who make poor choices or go out and steal, break other people’s things, or harm someone for no reason are plain and simply stupid. There’s many forms of it. If you’ve read my essay on “hateful family members” that clearly states how ignorant even your own family can be. And personally that’s a good reason to not only hate them but to also forget they even exist ( atleast it is for me).

Hate is defined as a feeling of intense dislike for someone. We as satanists accept the fact we have the ability to hate and love. But, we don’t waste our love on ingrates as stated in the satanic Bible, we give it to those who really deserve it. I myself hate the people who have done harm to me be it what my family did, or bullies, or people who talk negatively of my son. All those things are justifiable reasons for me to hate someone. But, I also hate people who bully with a passion. Like in the essay “a trip down memory pain”.

That essay detailed a lot of things I went through as a young kid/teen. The feelings back then were pure anger and pure hatred for those people. I live by this motto: treat others as they treat you. So you treat me bad, I will treat you bad. You show respect, you’ll get it back. Now, those who have done wrong to me, I’m not so quick to forgive. I don’t believe they’re deserving of it, nor will I waste my time on them. So with a society like today full of idiots and stupidness, have common sense and think rationally. Don’t fall into the pitfalls of stupidity.

Hail Satan

-reverend logan liming