Let’s face it, since mid 2020 things have been crazy from the COVID-19, to the mass murder, and much more crazy shit. Now that we’re halfway through 2021 things seem to be semi back to normal. Or so we think. I don’t know if you guys have noticed but I know I myself have noticed that the world is at an all time jump in stupidity and blindness. Why do I say that? Simply because what we’re seeing is the media literally dividing us with cleverly planned tactics. They are creating hatred between races, and law enforcement. Not to say some police don’t abuse their power cause i know some do, but to cause all this strife towards all police is preposterous.

The media tends to only show the end result of a situation, and it’s usually the part that’s gonna start up a riot, or that’s gonna spark outrage from everyone in the community. If you haven’t noticed by now you need to do some research. We are in the waves of racism yet again, why? Because a lot of people feel that white people owe them a debt for what happened over 200 years ago. Let me say I don’t agree one second with hatred towards another race, nor do I agree with slavery I oppose both. However if we can’t move forward, then we’re taking 20 steps back each day.

We can’t keep living in the past or we’ll never get beyond that fact. It is a fact that minorities were treated very unfair years ago, now it’s our job as people, forget races but as people to start ending racism and hatred because of race alone. If you hate someone, their race should not be a factor and it should not encompass a whole group of people. Hating an enemy is natural and for the right reasons is understandable. Now on to more serious matters. We now have a pedo for a president. This is a guy who to the media portrays himself as a “good Christian man”.

But, if you watch some of the videos he is in while doing press, he is seen to be almost groping younger girls. Why the hell would anyone vote for this guy? I’ll tell you why, because everyone hated trump and that literally the only reason. Biden is the type of person and we’re seeing it now, who gives lazy ass people a handout, while the rest of us work to pay for it. Trump on the other hand made everyone get a job and no one liked that because they could no longer do what they wanted with government assistance. I feel they were saying: “get the man who wants us to actually work out, so we can continue to get paid and do nothing”.

Well let’s also talk a bit about the mass shootings. They have skyrocketed and don’t seem to be settling down anytime soon. It’s truly a sad sad situation especially when kids are in the midst of it all. No child or person should ever have to feel unsafe just sitting on their front porch. I heard a story on the news a couple weeks ago that said there was a shooting and a little girl was sitting on her porch when a bullet grazed her. Now hearing the slightest noise puts her in a panic and that’s horrible. No one should ever have to live in fear like that.

I know some of you who read this may not agree with everything I said and that’s fine, most of this is my opinions with facts sprinkled in. But this is also reality now. Take heed, and wake up this virus is not a physical illness virus, it’s the media virus. We satanists know the truth, we aren’t blind to it but we also don’t give in to the bullshit we see and hear.

Hail Satan.

High priest: logan