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Welcome to discover Satanism, I’m here as a satanist to inform you about the truths and lies of the religion. Also here for open discussions and meeting new people. Please don’t hesitate to write me. 

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Discover Satanism ministries was founded by high priest Logan Liming in january of 2020. his goal with this ministry is to not only promote the reality of what this wonderful religion we call Satanism is, but also to take Satanism to the surface like every other religion. reverend Logan has been studying satanism since age 13. he finds the religion to be a true reality and also very freeing to the human. the purpose of our ministry is to have a place for all types of satanists to come together without judgement and to speak with likeminded individuals. Being that he is not only the high priest, he is also legally ordained to perfom marriages. Discover Satanism Ministries is fully dedicated to performing all types of marriages, be they same-sex, etc. we do not discriminate. rev. Logan has no tolerance for stupidity as shown by the herds, and refuses to have it apart of this ministry. He also is determined to make this ohios first satanic church. we hope you'll enjoy reading our essays and check out our store as well. if you have any questions please contact high priest Logan, or our high priestess Lilly and allow them to answer them for you. WELCOME TO THE FIRST SATANIC CHURCH OF OHIO. 




The one who brings us knowledge.  The ultimate rebel and bringer of light and undefiled wisdom. The most misunderstood being  but yet the perfect gentlemen in all of it. Lucifer now has a voice and has shed his light to all of us who call ourselves satanists. His very being is  a genuine representation  of  truly being in tune with your true human nature and being unashamed of it.  Hail Lucifer, Hail Satan

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🔴 we see ourselves as our own gods
🔴 we DO NOT Worship Satan 
🔴 we believe Satan is a hidden force in nature. 
🔴 we believe in magic and use it
🔴 we believe in self gratification 
🔴 satan is seen as the enlightened one
🔴 we are not an anti-Christian religion